EMergy offers all levels of energy audit that cater to any stage of project development.

An energy audit is a thorough and detailed inspection, energy survey and analysis of energy flows and consumption patterns in a building particularly usage practices and current energy efficiency levels, carried out by a certified energy manager. Performing an energy audit enables property owners to save money, improve health and safety, and increase the comfort levels of tenants, be it a residential, a commercial or an industrial facility.

EMergy certified energy managers are trained to conduct comprehensive energy audits and identify any loopholes in a building’s efficiency in accordance with local and international standards, including the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). EMergy offers all levels of energy audit that cater to any stage of project development.

ASHRAE Energy Audit Level 1

This energy audit is the most basic and the starting point for building energy efficiency, it requires interaction with facility operating personnel or selected staff to conduct a short interview, a review of utility bills along with other operating data and an onsite visit. More often than not, Preliminary Energy Use Analysis and the Walk-Through Analysis are completed side by side. The goal is to determine the major areas of energy inefficiency and describe corrective measures needed. The data are then collated and used for the preliminary report detailing cost measures and implementation for further study in forthcoming audits. This level of detail, although insufficient for final decision making on implementing proposed measures, suffices for prioritizing energy efficiency projects and to assess if a more detailed audit is required.

ASHRAE Energy Audit Level 2

This level includes preliminary analysis from ASHRAE Level 1, with a more detailed energy calculations and financial analysis of the proposed energy efficiency corrective measures. The financial analysis provides the property owner an elaborate understanding to determine energy efficiency remedial steps that offer the highest efficiency probability. The analysis is directly based on the implementation expected cost, facility operating cost reduction and the property owner’s investment range to determine financial and non-financial objective of audit. This level of audit provides sufficient details to justify project implementation.

ASHRAE Energy Audit Level 3

Level 3 involves a more intricate field data gathering and more meticulous analysis that focuses on potentially capital-intensive projects that were initially identified during the Level 2 Analysis. Building model calibration with the use of the amassed data to provide doable realistic baseline to create a comparative understanding of energy operating services before and after energy project implementation. This level of audit is best appropriate for complex industrial and commercial buildings.