A dedicated team of creative problem solvers.

Meet our brilliant minds!

EMergy exerts the same efforts on cultivating constructive relationships among our team members as we do with clients. We enjoy the opportunity of employing highly experienced managers with 10 years and more of field experience, a motive that ensures our evolving leaders are under the supervision of industry long experts.

We succeed with our core values of honesty, quality work and trust.

EMergy recruit and retain the top talented tier of MEP and energy engineers. When you select our company, you enjoy the opportunity of engaging with a team that holds a reliable and trustful experience. Our engineers have earned a reputation in the field of MEP, energy and sustainability for providing creative solutions and value added results, which make our clients benefit the most from investments they have made in their buildings. This makes EMergy recognized as one of the region’s top engineering firms.

EMergy management encourages its operating team of engineers to innovate and implement value added solutions that enhance their engineering experience, which in return gives our clients the advantage of navigating building codes, responds to plenty of challenges in building processes, and achieves green building certifications.


Sustainable building solutions specialist.


An initiative to innovate and flexible project delivery.


CSR is among our cultural principles.


EMergy as a symbol of efficiency and reliability.