Achieve optimum energy efficiency, attain the highest green building ratings and create high performing buildings.

Existing buildings are affected by continuous depreciation and loss of efficiency; and the need to diagnose energy use and deduce the best valuable response continues to rise as the building ages. On the other hand, the new buildings operating costs can be significantly deducted on the short and long run through an extensive system comparison and development of a customized energy model to predict performance.

Our aim as a building energy service provider is centred to provide constructive recommendations to produce high performing buildings that maximize efficiency and deliver practical results.

EMergy’s primary focus is to construct sustainable engineering solutions that respond to the client’s financial, performance, and environmental goals. Our team of employees and engineers are professionally experienced to implement advanced concepts that enhance building performance, water savings, and energy efficiency.

EMergy is taking part of changing the way built environments are designed, constructed, and operated, using integrated solutions for a sustainable environment. The green building standards and regulations guide us toward a valuable environmental savings through water, waste, and energy reduction over the life span of a building.

We offer a full spectrum of energy and sustainability consulting services, including the following: