Growing the number of energy savers and sustainable society members.

Crafting a better world.

Besides EMergy’s care toward satisfying the need of its clients, it has also initiated a non-profit sector, which takes the responsibility of encouraging the public on crafting responsible members in society. EMergy have done awareness campaigns in Schools, Universities, Businesses and for Clients to encourage.

The EMergy School of Entrepreneurial (ESE) is a non-profit educating and training program established by EMergy, which initiates the responsibility of professionals, students, and entrepreneurs toward saving energy and efficient MEP consumption. The goal of the program is to educate and improve the techniques of ESE students and members on the basic skills needed in efficient consumption, thus increasing the number of energy savers and sustainable society members.

Operated by the non-profit arm, the EMergy Foundation, ESE seeks out talented college and school graduates, businesses as well as professional employees who are interested to take part of the program. Once accepted, our member gets trainings and intense developing programs from our specialized team where they develop their skills to enhance the society of tomorrow.