Third party commissioning to expertly verify and witness projects.

Myriad of building owners assume that the quality control of their system should be left to the ones, who design and install them. More often than not, designers have a little to no time during the construction phase of a project and cannot dedicate means necessary to go through every detail of each system. Also, in many occasions, installers have very tight schedule brought about by construction delays. With such circumstances, there is no individual on the traditional construction team dedicated on making sure the system in its entirety is complete and has zero faults. This is where a commissioning verification or third-party commissioning service can be of huge significance. Third-Party Commissioning befits to majority of the building systems, such as, HVAC, lighting, plumbing, sustainable systems, waste water, fire-safety, building security, etc.

EMergy’s third party commissioning verification includes certification of the MEP services’ testing and commissioning to ensure the compliance with the set of requirements and specifications from both the property owners and relevant authorities. The role of our experienced commissioning engineers also includes:

  • Checking design and construction drawings’ suitability for commissioning;
  • Keeping track of all systems installations during construction;
  • Verifying all commissioning and testing activities for equipment and systems; and
  • Compilation of all commissioning and testing documents.