EMergy pinpoints the most appropriate approach to your challenges.

EMergy is a privately held corporation focused in mechanical and electrical systems consulting, on enhancing building performance, energy and sustainability, measurement and verification, special designs, commissioning, and environmental assessment, serving the public and private sectors across the GCC.

The company has been serving the community since the Year 1996. It started in Lebanon and expanded in the UAE later. We have completed several projects in the region, including Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, and Qatar. Moreover, we have committed ourselves to the protection and enhancement of the environment through our Energy, Environmental and Sustainable Development Policies.

Our entirely cohesive enterprise influences competencies in design, consultancy, and sustainability, which add a definite value for owners, occupants, and investors. EMergy superior decision-making for its potential clients is mirrored in the blending of energy saving, sustainability, initial cost and operating cost.

EMergy is a subsidiary of Aboul-Hoda Investment Group, a holding group of more than 34 years of operational history in the Middle East. Over the years, Aboul-Hoda Group has successfully continued to expand its holdings to several different companies that have made ground-breaking strides in the fields of education, engineering, construction and contracting, real estate, trading, hospitality, and more. The market value of the group companies is more than AED 500 million with an annual turnover of more than AED 100 million, and the strength of around 300 diversified and highly professional employees.


Craft a responsible society of clients and be one of the highly trusted providers of sustainable building standards, operations and design around the region.


Educate society and guide property owners to accommodate energy insights, sustainable operations and building design into their premises along with providing an innovating array of solutions, tools and education for all stakeholders.


Initiative to innovate and flexible project delivery.


A dedicated team of creative problem solvers.


CSR is among our cultural principles.


EMergy as a symbol of efficiency and reliability.