Building simulation and energy modelling are effective tools to review the energy consumption and operating energy performance in new buildings and retrofits.

As the regulation for energy efficiency are being propelled forward, services, such as, energy modelling and building simulation are being sought out to provide valuable information about the facility’s energy use and operating cost. Energy models are effective tools used to review energy consumption and operating energy performance in new buildings and retrofits for regulatory compliance and green certifications.

EMergy’s energy modelling and simulation capabilities focus on the energy consumption process by all users in buildings, and the life cycle costs of energy related equipment, such as, HVAC, lighting, etc. With the use of comprehensive algorithms, energy models deliver relevant and practical insights on a building’s energy usage to help guide property owners to make informed decisions. It is also beneficial for calculations of energy savings, payback and return of investment of energy conservation measures with the aim to illustrate savings for improving indoor environments and energy efficiency in buildings.

Energy modelling is commonly carried out to:

  • Predict energy consumption and energy costs.
  • Estimate annual CO2
  • Identify peak demands.
  • Compare different energy efficiency options and life cycle payback.
  • Fulfil building codes and sustainability certification requirements.