Building surveys provide the facts and the answers required to make intelligent business decisions concerning any facilities.

Was the premise built in compliance to the quality requirements? Are there problems with newly installed systems? What is the status of the equipment in the site that is about to be leased? Are there any snags that need to be identified? A building survey or audit will be an excellent approach to obtain answers to these questions and more.

A building condition assessment is required to be able to identify snags, incompliances, defects, and potential rectifications and solutions. Most importantly, building surveys will provide the facts and answers required to make intelligent business decisions concerning the facility.

We, at EMergy, have proven a verse experience in conducting such inspections and surveys with a past record of successful implementation of the outcome of our investigations that lead to resolving the relevant issues. Listed below are some examples of VAC surveys and audits that are tailored in accordance with the market needs:

  • Installation or completion certification
  • Validation inspection equipment walkthrough (VIEW)
  • Cooling load and outside air calculations
  • Building fabric inspection