Averda International FZ LLC

VAC System Design, Averda

Averda is an international waste management company with offices and sites across 34 cities. Averda has an extensive regional network covering Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Morocco, Republic of Congo, South Africa and the United Kingdom with a total of more than 14,000 employees. EMergy was assigned to design the ventilation and air conditioning system for its headquarters in Dubai Knowledge Village.


The VAC system in Averda Headquarters in Dubai was not performing properly. Cooling was not uniformly distributed in the spaces, which resulted in many over-cooled or hot spots. Excess noise was generated from some fan coil units. In addition, food smell from the Dry Pantry is getting distributed throughout the office area.


EMergy LLC was appointed by Averda International FZ LLC, to establish the extent of the remedial measures required to put the VAC system into a working condition. These included a revised and properly sized air distribution system, optimization of the performance of the chilled water system and its controls, and site measures to enhance the installations of the air conditioning and ventilation system.



Category:                   Design Services (Special Projects)

Scope:                         VAC System Design

Client:                         Averda International FZ LLC

Location:                    Dubai, United Arab Emirates