Re-commissioning puts the building back on its best course.

Re-commissioning is an economical process of re-optimization for an existing building or facility that has already undergone either commissioning or retro-commissioning to ensure that systems and equipment are working optimally to meet the present occupants needs. The focal point is identifying low-cost operational improvements to save energy and maintain optimal functioning.

In the process of re-commissioning, a building undergoes another commissioning process mostly due to changes in its usage in whole or in part and/or building ownership. EMergy re-commissioning optimizes energy efficiency, maximizes building operations, improves peak building energy demand, ensures sustainable operation and development, and improves business approach. EMergy’s building optimization strategy will help property owners to establish a plan for low-cost and capital investments to improve the energy efficiency and consumption in buildings all the while considering the impact the added benefits will have on the existing building.