An investment grade energy audit is a comprehensive analysis of potentially pricey energy efficiency improvements with a distinct focus on financial concerns and return on investment.

An investment grade energy audit is often done as a part of an energy savings performance contract (ESPC) conducted by an energy services company (ESCO). An ESPC commonly includes a wide range of efficiency measures, including envelope improvements, installation of more efficient HVAC systems, installation of renewables, and utility conservation methods. The ESCO works to acquire funding for the project, performs the investment grade audits, and then maintains the upgrades until the expected savings are reached.

Such comprehensive energy efficiency audits often include measures, such as, the submetering of individual energy consuming systems within the building, and the monitoring and analysis of specific situations that cause variances in energy and utility use. Ultimately, they provide a technical and financial assessment of energy conservation opportunities and projected savings.

Our experienced and qualified team at EMergy can deliver Investment Grade Energy Audits for commercial, industrial, residential and retail environments.