Yas South Mosque

Independent Commissioning Agent, Yas South Mosque

Yas South Development Project, also known as Integrated Destination Resort (IDR) is located on the southern tip of Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE. It is a visionary entertainment resort district project, as a part of a masterplan, which aims to transform Yas Island into a one-stop destination for both business and tourist. It will include entertainment and waterfront district that will feature two hotels, an arena venue with 18,000-capacity. It will also include a shopping premade with restaurants, retail outlets and a boutique cinema, family entertainment center and a beach club which will welcome an approximate of 14,000 guests daily. The Residences at Yas includes recreational parks, mosques and schools.


EMergy was appointed as the Independent Commissioning Agent (ICA) to oversee the design phase of the development, manage risks, verify the design and optimize the comfort, reliability, safety and energy efficiency of the Yas South Mosque, entirely in compliance with the Owner Project Requirements.


The project consists of three plots that have been assigned for the building of mosques for the Yas South master development. The Mosque at P5-M2 in Yas Island Abu Dhabi is developed as a Jame’e Mosque with a total built-up area fo ~1,500 m2 for 776 worshippers.



Category:                   Commissioning

Scope:                         Independent Commissioning Agent

Client:                         Miral Asset Management LLC

Location:                    Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates