Radisson Royal Dubai

Radisson Royal Dubai

Radisson Royal Dubai is a high rise building and hotel complex located in Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The hotel contains 471 rooms, and is located within close proximity to Dubai International Financial Center, Dubai World Trade Center, and Dubai Downtown. The tower consists of 51 floors cooled mainly by a chilled water network connected to a district cooling plant through a heat exchanger.


The chilled water system in Radisson Royal Dubai was not performing properly as follows:

  1. Cooling was not achieved in some areas in a manner to maintain the room temperature within 24°C.
  2. Indoor air comfort was not maintained within acceptable modes.
  3. Controls were not efficient to ensure proper water flow in the terminal units.
  4. Energy consumption was above the normal rates.


EMergy was requested by Radisson Royal Hotel Dubai to establish the extent of the remedial works required to put the chilled water system into a working condition. A target energy audit of the chilled water system was conducted as part of the survey. The assessment was performed to the chilled water system, including the chilled water pumps, control valves response and accuracy, and the chiller management system components. The remedial works on the chilled water system after the audit and survey brought about an estimated energy savings of 35% of the ventilation and air conditioning energy consumption.


Category:                   Enhanced Building Performance

Scope:                         Energy Audit and Survey of the Chilled Water System

Client:                         Royal Radisson Hotel

Location:                    Dubai, United Arab Emirates