Abu Dhabi Smart City Pilot Project

Design of Outdoor Thermal Comfort in Delma Park

For many cities across the globe, new technologies are setup and tested to help convey local sustainability issues and enhance the quality of life of its people. The Smart City Pilot Project in Abu Dhabi, called the Zayed Smart City project, funded by Abu Dhabi Municipality, has launched the pilot phase of the project to validate key cases and their viability in the country. The project is intended to digitally transform the social, financial, and environmental aspects of the urban life and improve the lives of the capital’s citizens and residents.


EMergy was chosen to provide consultancy and design services related to outdoor thermal comfort to improve the outdoor conditions and deliver a positive experience to the people.



Category:                   Design Services (Special Projects)

Scope:                         Design of Outdoor Thermal Comfort in Delma Park

Client:                         Abu Dhabi Municipality

Location:                    Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates